Here are some problems we’ve identified, and a first shot at some possible solutions. Please post your pet peeve – and what you think should the solution is, and feel free to comment on anything else you find here.

Problems: Advertising and/or packaging does not disclose the details of the product or service. Extra charges, fees, conditions or restrictions are not disclosed, or are described in a confusing or unintelligible way. Consumers are required to comply with these undisclosed terms.

Solution: Require all terms of sale to be specified on product advertising and/or packaging. Disclosure must be readable and understandable by the average person. Consumers are not required to obey terms that are not properly disclosed prior to purchase.

Problem: Junk mail and email wastes time and money. Worse, it contains personal information that makes it easy to steal a consumer’s identity.

Solution: Data concerning an individual’s buying habits and transactions is the property of that person and cannot be sold or exchanged without that person’s written approval.

What is this about? Read the explanation here.