Here are some problems we’ve identified, and a first shot at some possible solutions. Please post your pet peeve – and what you think should the solution is, and feel free to comment on anything else you find here.

Problem: Receipts are often unitemized, making it impossible to determine whether charges are correct. Unitemized receipts also make it harder to comparison shop.

Solution: Receipts must be issued in all transactions, and must state the product or services performed.

Problem: Credit card and other receipts requiring signature contain language stating that by signing, a consumer agrees to accept another product or service, which may or may not be free, or agrees to other obligations that the consumer did not bargain for.

All offers of other products and services may only be “accepted” after full written and oral disclosure and through a separate document, requiring a separate signature, which sets forth the entire terms of the agreement. Retailers may not suggest that a transaction entered into by a consumer requires the consumer to sign a second agreement.

Problem: Manufacturers and retailers advertise lower prices by offering “rebates” rather than dollar discounts at the time of sale. It is typically very hard for consumers to collect the rebates they are entitled to.

Solution: Bar rebates or establish reasonable limits on the qualifications for the rebate.

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